I saw homeless ppl young and knew then I wanted to help people forever

a happy time of homeless people

to help others. As a child, I always wanted to help the homeless, feed them, take them home. I was absolutely fascinated by them. I went away with my family once and they gave me one of those throw away cameras and I remember taking all of these pictures and my mother developed them and threw them away because she thought there was something wrong with me. All of my pictures were of homeless men, women and children living in the streets. I had pictures of their clothing, where they slept and all the different types of homeless people I saw. I remember wanting to help them and being so upset that my mother threw out my pictures. we were in Baltimore for 4 days and that was my whole trip. To me, that was what I would take with me. it is something I have remembered my whole life. I couldn’t even tell you one thing other than that from that vacation My eye was only in one direction, people in need, and I have never steered from that path.

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How to raise a child

Libero newborn baby – SCA

Raising a child or family–This should be a mandatory course in school or through hospitals after delivery for a certain length of time

I think this is extremely important because life is precious and so many lives are destroyed and kids are being tortured by parents who just don’t know the damage they are causing and what it will lead to in the future. We need a license to operate a vehicle, but nobody needs anything to raise a child. A person can give birth and tie their child in the backyard for ten years and torture them and nobody knows about it. There are also minor things parents do that have such detrimental effects on children later in life. we are all human beings and some people really don’t know what to do with a child. I think this course would provide the information every person will need to know in their life. Even if a person never has a child or a family, I think in everyday life this will still benefit them in dealing with society ad other people’s children.

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Just the beginning

So here it goes………

This is just the beginning of many words, thoughts, advice and some real good therapy for all those tortured souls out there.  Lets face it, this world, well it can torture anyone.  I’m here just to ease the load a little.

I’m a behavioral therapist who has worked for the Developmentally disabled and mentally ill ————————————to just regular people with general anxiety and fears.  I have dealt with it all.  Furthermore, I have encountered a lot in my life and have a very spiritual, optimistic side to me that knows how to keep on fighting, even when there are no answers or ways out of horrible situations.

I have a lot in store and am just building this, but if you come across my page and have any concerns or issues-feel free to subscribe and I will be here to help heal your mind.