I saw homeless ppl young and knew then I wanted to help people forever

a happy time of homeless people

to help others. As a child, I always wanted to help the homeless, feed them, take them home. I was absolutely fascinated by them. I went away with my family once and they gave me one of those throw away cameras and I remember taking all of these pictures and my mother developed them and threw them away because she thought there was something wrong with me. All of my pictures were of homeless men, women and children living in the streets. I had pictures of their clothing, where they slept and all the different types of homeless people I saw. I remember wanting to help them and being so upset that my mother threw out my pictures. we were in Baltimore for 4 days and that was my whole trip. To me, that was what I would take with me. it is something I have remembered my whole life. I couldn’t even tell you one thing other than that from that vacation My eye was only in one direction, people in need, and I have never steered from that path.

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