How to raise a child

Libero newborn baby – SCA

Raising a child or family–This should be a mandatory course in school or through hospitals after delivery for a certain length of time

I think this is extremely important because life is precious and so many lives are destroyed and kids are being tortured by parents who just don’t know the damage they are causing and what it will lead to in the future. We need a license to operate a vehicle, but nobody needs anything to raise a child. A person can give birth and tie their child in the backyard for ten years and torture them and nobody knows about it. There are also minor things parents do that have such detrimental effects on children later in life. we are all human beings and some people really don’t know what to do with a child. I think this course would provide the information every person will need to know in their life. Even if a person never has a child or a family, I think in everyday life this will still benefit them in dealing with society ad other people’s children.

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