Changing leaves

I realized something last night,while walking with my son, mind racing and trying to keep up with my thoughts. My almost 3 year old was asking tons of questions, as he always is inquisitive and eager to learn. He asked about the different kinds of leaves and why they were on the floor. So I realized oh yes that’s right it’s fall season coming up so the leaves will change. I got to explain to him that he will see all the leaves changing colors over the course of the fall season and how all the leaves will fall to the ground. I explained the term, “turning over a new leaf” which was inspired by the process of fall. It is ridding all of the old and starting a new. It suddenly hit me as I was explaining to my son, who was fascinated by this, that this is what I am experiencing myself. I don’t know if everyone is into the planets and cosmic energy. if not, absolutely check out Elizabeth Peru, who you can follow on Facebook. I was following her on FB for some time and would scroll past her name and read what she had to say. It always caught my attention and always was true and completely on point. I ended up subscribing to her weekly tipoff which gives you full detail for the week ahead, how the planets will be aligned, which are going retrograde etc. it honestly is amazing and a year later, I can see the change, I’ve come a very long way and uncovered so much about myself.


It was there with my son that I thought about it and saw that I was following the same process, direction, Plan or whatever you want to call it. The last few weeks my mind has been nonstop. I think I thought about my entire life. I’m not exaggerating. It’s like I did an evaluation of my life and was able to see what I grew from, what I learned, what my good qualities were, what I need to rid.  I’m currently still in this state. I wonder how many others are going through it and then again how many others are but not aware of it. I feel like the Fall is our new year, not January. Unless, fall is the entire transformation and New Years is eve you are finally complete? I don’t know. I’m just writing my train of thought. What I do know is, this is a powerful time right now and over the next few weeks. This is the time to reflect on your life. You can reflect on the entire thing, let your mind do its thing and go into what it wants to go into. Using a notebook during this whole process is great too. If you want to start light, then take this last year and look back to where you were last September and think of the things you learned, the accomplishments that you made and anything that made you grow. Write it down and when things randomly pop in your head, over the next few weeks, write that down too. Take 5-10 minutes a day to sit nice and relaxed and check in with yourself, take some time to take a couple deep deep breaths, think of what makes you happy and just sit reflecting on those things and smile. If you want to take it further and have the time, you can lay back with your eyes closed and some soothing music (you can get on pandora under meditation music or just type it into google and a million things pop up) and just let go.


Take this time now, this season,to reflect, to grow and reveal a new you. Show gratitude for what you have received , learned or accomplished. Take your struggles and use it as fuel to emerge into your new self. Nothing and nobody has power over you. It may feel like that but it’s not the truth. The truth is, your own mind,you decide.

Love and light



Al Bloggers, what advice/tips do you have for a virgin blogger?

I created my blog years ago but never could get the words onto the screen. Talk about writers block!

I am am now going for it and would really like to put all that I have learned, all of my skills and all that I hold inside of me, which would greatly help others, into the blog world. The thing that stops me, basically ALL OF THE TIME, is being a virgin to this and when I look at other blogs seeing how amazing they are and structured.  Most of your blogs are like art, when I click on them (which by the way, I haven’t gotten into following people or writing on blogs, which I would definitely like to. I’m not exactly sure how to do all of that yet. If you can follow me or give me some of your expert advice, I would love to meet new bloggers that I can follow). They are just designed beautifully and there is so many things you can do with colors and adding photos or other media. All I know right now is how to create one where I write the title, write up the blog and can add a photo into it. That’s literally it! I appreciate any help that is thrown my way.


I would like for people to click on my blog and eventually for it to be like yours, a piece of art. I would like for people to open up my page and for it to immediately deliver its effect, where you can sense what my approach is and what my page is about. For example: my page is to ultimately help people. I want to deliver peace into people’s lives, give them a different way of thinking to ease their mind, some coping strategies, some real talk about difficulties I have faced where people can relate, to help others with behaviors their children have or disabilities they have that parents find themselves stuck communicating with their children, as if they speak two different languages, to help people with mental illness or a heavy heart. I want to heal people mind body and soul.

Do do you have any advice for me (whether it’s about my public picture for my site, articles I should write or how to title them, things I should add to my page, any sites I should join to help me in the blog world, just basically anything related to blogging for someone that is so completely new and blogging is a foreign language to)?


Thank you you for taking the time to read this blog.

Love and light ,